If you think weightlifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous!

Addicted or curious in weightlifting, cardio exercise, bodybuilding, strength conditioning and/or mirror posing?

With a range of gym equipment you can only dream of for an island this size, our gym in paradise shall cover all your needs!


For a single session, a few sessions, or up to a month and more, check out our different gym pass options below or come and see us on site for a chat if you are already on the island (we promise we do not bite… Too hard).


Any questions or inquiries? We are only one click away and will always be happy to help you out.


  • A gentle introduction to rewarding pain!

    Offered Daily


  • A onetime workout to deserve those cold beers!

    Offered Daily


  • For those who want to work on their gains, even during their holiday!

    Offered Daily


  • If you got lost in paradise but still want to hit the gym regularly!

    Offered Daily


  • Same as the one month, but 3 times better!

    Offered Daily


  • The ultimate fitness commitment. For the braves and the fools only!

    Offered Daily


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