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It’s gonna be sweaty, hard and you’re probably gonna scream a bit. But we guarantee you’re gonna feel really good after each session. Yes, it’s what you think it is, Crosstraining is coming to Gilifit!

The first and only box in Gili Trawangan will be at GiliFit, and we hope you are as excited as we are about it!

165m2 dedicated to high intensity workout, with certified coaches and all the equipment you need to get any WOD done the right way!




Because we never spend enough time thinking and doing fitness activities, GiliFit will also offers the chance to dream about it as well! Only a few steps away from our fitness center will be our newly refurbished accommodation. So no need to worry if you’re out of energy after an intense workout, your room will be literally on the other side of our pool and its bar (if you fancy a protein shake or a beer before your nap!).




We’re not sure we’ve said it enough but we love food. GiliFit will offer 2 different restaurants, each one with its own concept.

The first one will serve the most famous and traditional Indonesian dishes with a vegetarian twist while the other one will have a menu tailored up by a nutritionist who will make sure you get all the nutrients you need to optimize your workouts!

And yes, before you even ask, there will be some cheat meal options, of course.




A shop where you can find some amazing GiliFit merchandise (according to us), some food supplement (for the gains, a healthier diet and most importantly, for the gains) and a conscious traveler section, because we believe that holidays are even more enjoyable when it is done in a sustainable way!





We know sometimes it is hard to believe there is much more to life than just fitness. And there are plenty of activities you can be part of in the Gili islands and its surroundings. In this section you will be able to book many of them with us, from a snorkeling trip to a day tour and volcano trekking in Lombok. Make your choice, and we will arrange everything for you, while you’re still working on those gains!


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At the moment our Gym is up and running!

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