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This is where your transformation starts!
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It’s with great excitement that we are proud to announce (after months of hard work and gentle hassle from our island community about when the gym will be open) that it is now time!


No, you’re not dreaming *insert epic music for better effect.*

Because you couldn’t wait and neither could we, in exclusivity on Gili Trawangan, the GiliFit Island gym is ready to welcome your pain, sweat, tears, progress and achievements.


You will still have to be patient for the rest of our facilities to come but you have our word that it will be worth the wait. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.


Any questions or inquiries? We are only one click away and will always be happy to help you out.



From the turquosise waters of North West Lombok, 70km away from east Bali, emerges the largest of the 3 infamous Gili islands, Gili Trawangan. As tranquil as it is, it would not be a paradise without a place to sweat our asses off and inflict ourselves the delicious, rewarding pain that every fitness lover seeks. And there we came, just for you, creating a place where you can train on a lost island. GiliFit was born.


Established in 2019, GiliFit Gym is up and running in 2020 and our team is ready to smash; like a Friday chest and arms sesh or a sick cardio session (your pick, but we already know you will ignore the cardio).


GiliFit 2020 soft opening concerns only the gym (for now) but we have the ambition to be the first fully functional fitness center of the Gili islands. We love fitness in any form. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to offer every individual what they want: a gym, a Crosstraining box and a range of fitness classes (you won’t have to take part in all of it, unless you are a beast, of course).


If this isn’t enough, we will also offer accommodation as well as a hidden away chill area with a pool and a bar, perfect for -but not limited to- the ones who experience difficulties to walk or cycle after leg day (you know who you are). And of course, because nutrition is life, we will provide you with not one but two restaurants. Yes, we love food. Don’t judge us.


On our website you should be able to find all the information you need, among some incredible shots of our island paradise and its surroundings (we promise we won’t use too many filters) but if you have any questions or inquiries, we are only one click away and will always be happy to help you out!


Welcome to GiliFit!

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