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Established in 2015, still standing strong after the terrible series of earthquakes that struck Indonesia in 2018. Gilifit is back in 2020 led by a new team, and ready to smash like a friday’s chest and arms sesh, an insane WOD or a sick cardio session (your pick, but we already know you will ignore the cardio).

GiliFit has the ambition to be the first fitness center of the Gili islands. We love fitness in all forms. Therefore our goal is to offer everyone what they need: a gym, a crossfit box and fitness classes (you don’t have to take part in all of it, unless you are a beast, of course).

If that is not enough we also offer accommodations and a nice chill area around a pool with a bar, perfect for -but not limited to- the ones who experience difficulties to walk or cycle after leg day (you know who you are). And of course, because it is life, we provide you with not one but two restaurants. Yes, we love food. Don’t judge us.

On our website you should find all the informations you need, among some cheesy motivational fitness quotes and incredible pictures of the island and its surroundings (we promise we won’t use too many filters).

At the moment our Gym and Veg-go restaurant are up and running!

Expect our accomodation, second restaurant, crossfit and classes soon!

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